Emraan hashmi with Amrita Puri

Apparently Amrita Puri’s character in “Blood Money”

is based on Emraan’s wife Parveen.

She was a nursery school teacher and Amrita’s character is closely the same. She even spent time with Parveen to appreciate her mannerisms and sense of manner.

We know that Emraan Hashmi shares a close family bond with the Bhatt’s. But looks like there is an Emraan relation even in their movies he doesn’t star.

When it comes to the Bhatts’ Vishesh films, there is no getting away from Emraan Hashmi. Even when a rare Vishesh movie comes along that doesn’t star Hashmi, he makes his omnipresence felt.

Though the new Vishesh Film Blood Money stars Khemu, Emraan Hashmi is also a part of the film, albeit by proxy.

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