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Film Cast : Dhansuraj, Jaya Prakash, Roopa, Prasan Nakshi

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Film Starring: Shakeela, Reshma, Unni Krishnan

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Movie Cast: Amala, Birbal, Deepika, Kalpana Iyer

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6 ways to keep your marriage strong

With divorces throwing many a marriage not together, there are persons who sense that this society is in vital need of a fix if it is to stay important and not become the sham present marriages are gradually more ending up as.

While many grieve that monogamy is all but quiet, we think that it’s still too early to write off the tradition, or still reinvent it. It’s worked in the past, and there’s no cause why it shouldn’t at the present. What we may need to do in its put is to find ways to make our marriage work, slightly than wait for it to splash and then take option in the excuse that it wasn’t meant to work well. Click The Next »

drop weight after pregnancy

If you step on the level numerous days after you give delivery,

then you will liable have one of two reactions – distress or total horror – as your weight loss is either not as greatly as you had hoped, or in some cases, your weight might not have changed much.

Approximately all women will want to drop the weight which they have gained over the course of their pregnancy as soon as potential. Click The Next »